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Chronic Illness, Death, and Medicare

When it comes to end-of-life facts regarding death and Medicare, the large majority of people on Medicare die from 9 kinds of chronic illness, which are…

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How to Talk Death with a Doctor

How to talk to your Doctor about death is something may people don’t think about, but when it comes to advance care planning and end of life planning, this is an uncomfortable but vital conversation.

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Are Your End-Of-Life Care Wishes Clear

End-of-Life Care Are Your End-of-Life Care Wishes Clear? As acceptance of end-of-life planning grows in the U.S., new concerns are emerging about how well patients and their doctors understand the forms they are signing about the care they want in their final days. In September, the Institute of Medicine’s “Dying in America” report called for […]

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Death is Not Failure

Recently diagnosed with multiple brain tumors that are inoperable she has chosen to let her life run its course and to enjoy what quality time she can for as long as the tumors allow. Tragic, sad, emotional; you bet, but not a failure, as far as we can tell, on anyone’s part. Remember I said before, death is not an option. Fortunately, her healthcare providers understand this type of terminally ill planning.

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Is There Such a Thing as a Good Death?

End of Life Is There Such a Thing as a Good Death? After several years of relentless chemo and radiation to check her cancer, Rebecca decided to die with dignity. She consulted with family members and some close friends and then contacted a nearby hospice. Whatever ‘tough conversations’ there might have been were brief, open […]

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Top Technology Tools to Plan a Funeral and Memorial Service

Memorial Technology New Memorial Technology to Plan a Funeral and Better Remember Loved Ones is an online resource center designed to help families, Funeral Directors, and Cemetery Directors to learn more today’s new and creative ways to help cope with grief and loss and, most importantly, help celebrate the special life and memories of a […]

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Death and Burial Rituals

Burial Rituals Death and Burial Rituals The Business of Death Around the world, every day, every hour, every second, medical treatment is unable to prevent death. When doctors, nurses and hospitals can do no more for a patient, another industry steps in. World population Estimate – 7,142,797,806 There are bodies everywhere. World Death Rate: 8 […]

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Advance Directives and Advance Care Planning

Advance Directives Are We at a “Tipping” Point? How is it that 24 years after the Patient Self-Determination Act went into effect we have not made significant progress in increasing the percentage of people who have Advance Directives?  Death has been hidden behind hospital doors for almost a century, new funeral and memorial technology has advanced, […]

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Death Cafes and Dinner Parties??

Death Cafes Death Cafes and Dinner Parties   I know what you are thinking.  “Why would anyone participate in something like this?  I like to enjoy my dinner and this doesn’t sound like fun.”  Talking about death over dinner might not be the usual way you get people over to your house for a meal, […]

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Protect Your Family Against Grave Robbers

Grave Robbers Protect Your Family Against Grave Robbers It’s no surprise that identity thieves are running rampant, however it’s a shocking fact that these scammers are using the personal information and vital statistics of more than 2,000 deceased people every day. An ID Analytics study recently revealed that the misuse of social security numbers belonging […]

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